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Watson/Live Oak was represented well in Florida this month as the LOMS Cheerleaders won Nationals for the 3rd year in a row, LOHS Cheerleaders won 2nd at Nationals, and the Live Oak Junior Rec Cheerleaders won Nationals in their division. Live Oak Junior Rec Cheerleaders  girls are ages 9-13 years old and attend Live Oak elementary schools and middle school.


Congratulations to all of you and to all who helped and supported you on this journey!!


Sharing One Last Walk.....

Sharing One Last Walk...

down what has been the home of 1st grade through 12th grade classes at some point.

I am not very good at this but here goes as I share pictures and my thoughts from my walk:

If you have not heard, in the near future Watson and the Live Oak Schools will once again be part of what is called progress. Progress is not always the building of something new, sometimes it includes losing something old to make way for new when needed. And, this time we will lose something old. We will be losing what was once known as the elementary/upper elementary/jr high wing at the old high school years ago.


I took what was a very bittersweet walk with my camera down this hall recently. Memories flooded my mind as I did it. And, I knew for every memory I had, there were thousands more for others that who had attended school here and they were part of the soul of and history that is now empty classrooms.


This is where Ms. Stafford taught first grade to my little brother, who both have passed on, he had a learning handicap, and some times did things not quite like they should be done. One day he decided he couldn't make it to the rest room, and decided to empty his bladder on the sidewalk next to her room. The one thing about a small school, everyone knew everyone and everyone let me know what he had done. So, upon entering her old room, seeing the little bathrooms that were between hers and I think it was Ms. Neal's..the memories began to flood in.


I remember being in third grade, making masks(at least I think that is what we were attempting) out of brown paper bags and mine was decorated with what I think was either pink tissue or paper. Now why I remembered that is beyond my understanding. I also couldn't help thinking about playing kickball out under the pine trees between old Hwy 16 and the lunchroom. And, one day running head on with another player and knocking her out. I could go on with the memories but I will spare you.



What I will say is, it was not until I walked the halls alone this past week, and looked at the changes, as well as the things that remained the same...that I truly appreciated just how many memories that old hall holds. It saddened me to think shortly, all it will be is a memory. From the windows, that I stared out many times waiting on recess, and how unusual they were, to waiting in line to go back in from recess and classmates singing, buying big sweet tarts from a green candy machine in the candy room, the little bathrooms at the end of the hall, kickball, red rover, and so on. All the memories weren't great, but I realized it was all part of my progression, much like the loss of this hall will be to our school and communities progression.


My hope is that whatever they decide to replace it with, that there will one day be many wonderful memories made.

~Jackie LOHS '79







Live Oak High School FBLA


VIA: Kathy Lentz Aucoin

Congratulations to Live Oak High School FBLA members who competed at the District VI Leadership Conference today at Zachary High School!


The following members rated in “Excellent” in their events:

Jonathan Barber – Business Math and Introduction to Business Communication

Mary Kate Andrepont, Josh Stafford, and Beau Bergeron – Current Events

Laura Staub – Help Desk

Joey Carroll – Impromptu Speaking

Joshua Higdon – Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure

Jonathan Hagan – Mr. Future Business Leader


The following members rated “Superior” and qualified for the State Leadership Conference:

Ethan Phillips and Joshua Higdon – Business Ethics

Jonathan Hagan – Computer Applications

Victor Rushing, Taylor Hubert and Joey Carroll – Entrepreneurship and Sports Management

Laura Staub, Casey Melerine and Mary Kate Andrepont – Marketing

Catie Rutherford – Ms. Future Business Leader

Taylor Hubert – Public Speaking II

Dillon Dearman – Word Processing


The following students won First Place and qualified for the State Leadership Conference:

Josh Stafford – Business Calculations

Kaylee Jones – Introduction to Business Communication





Saturday, MARCH 8, 2014

9:00 AM- 12:00 PM




WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 2014 4:30-6:00 PM

THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 2014 4:30-6:00 PM

FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 2014 4:30-6:00 PM


Tryout packets will be available in the offices of LOM, SLOE, NLOE and LOE on February 18th.


*On Monday, February 24, 2014, there will be a mandatory informational parent meeting in the LOM cafeteria at 6:00 PM to discuss expectations and answer any questions about tryouts and the Live Oak Middle School Cheerleading Team.


Questions can be emailed to:

Brandi Gary –

Melissa Wang-Cweika –



LOMS Pizzaz Tryouts

will be held at LOMS:

April 1 and 3 - clinic 3pm-5pm

April 5 - Tryouts 9am-12pm



Live Oak Flea Market Announcement:


We are in the beginning stages of planning a huge Anniversary/Appreciation Event Day for Saturday, April 5th. Free drinks & snacks will be offered and also inside market vendor discounts throughout. We are extending an invitation for sellers with crafts, garage sale items & misc to contact us as soon as possible to secure a space for the outside open market! The spaces will be 12x12. It will be necessary for each vendor to man their own space & to supply their own tables and/or shelving. Come by the market Thursday-Saturday (10:00-5:00pm) or Sunday Noon-5:00pm and check out the map of the spaces still available. Reservations will be accepted once Day's rental is paid. We are arranging extensive advertisement as interest is extremely high, both in buying & selling. For further information, please email us @ LiveOakFleaMkt@, or contact us through our Facebook page.


Check out the Youth Activities Page for

information  on activities at the Live Oak Sports Complex(adult and youth) and other sports youth activites, events in the area.

Premier fitness has  group fitness classes in the Live Oak shopping center. . All classes are originally $5 a class and no membership is required. They have discount punch cards as well. 5 classes for $20 or 10 classes for $40. They also have fun event classes monthly that are bring a friend for $1 special.

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