January is here, a new year is here.....

as we begin the new year I would like to share with you some of the small businesses of Watson who are an essential part of our past and our future. These are only a few of the Watson area businesses that depend on your patronage through out the year. These small businesses are very much what makes Watson it's own unique place. Not only do they provide us with goods and services, but they can be seen supporting our schools, churches, youth and individuals in their times of need throughout the year.  So, I ask that in this time when life has gotten so busy and convenience has become a way of life for many, that you don't forget to take time out and visit and use our small businesses.  Help make 2015 a great year for them too.




I will try to update this website on the 15th and 30th of each month as needed.   If these dates fall on a holiday or weekend, the updates will occur a little bit earlier or later...I will try to let you know ahead of time.



If you have an announcement, community, church, school event, fundraiser, community news, birthday or anniversary  to share, or need a business added or updated for the business directory, please email it to comments@watsonla.com

Items/ responses seen on our Facebook page recently:

Congratulations to Amanda Holliday signing with Jones Community College today! Way to go Amanda! "Johnny's on down Springfield rd at Fore rd. they used to have the best biscuits...it's been a while." "We are trying to re-locate to Watson....love Watson! Down home grill is our favorite place!" "Firehouse BBQ is near Dollar General just past Walmart. Pulled pork and the brisket sooo yummy. Johnny's Superette is an old country store, corner of Springfield Rd and Fore Road. Local morning favorite for biscuits and BLTs, but they have a full menu for lunch & dinner orders...." "Oak Point was right there when our daughter was fighting cancer and we needed help for benefit dinner supplies. Wal-Mart would not even so much as give us a few plastic bags to put the dinners in. Yes , Oak Point, along with Carters, John`s Grocery, are our heroes ." "Teachers...here is a chance for an art project plus honor some Veterans for Valentines" "January 19 at 1:31pm
Soccer/Baseball Parents, Soccer: Due to the registrations being on top of each other, I've decided to offer a deferment of payment for one of the activity fees until April 1 for any children that are wanting to play both soccer and baseball/softball. This is only if they are wanting to play BOTH. You will need to email me at the office that you want to take advantage of the deferment. I will extend soccer registration through Jan. 22 at 12:00pm. Baseball: Registration is currently being accepted through the website. Please take the time to go to the site and register. Thanks, Mike"

Check out the Youth Activities Page for

information  on activities at the Live Oak Sports Complex(adult and youth) and other sports youth activites, events in the area.

Do you have an event or fund raiser that you would like those in the Watson area to know about?


Would you like your business and phone number listed free in the Business Directory?


If the answer is YES to either of these, please email the information to comments@watsonla.com

Smile Delivery

Needs Your  Help



Please take a look at this list of needed items. If you can do anything to help them restock, it would be greatly appreciated! They will pick up items if you're within a 20 mile radius of Watson, LA., or items and monetary donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 857, Watson, LA. 70786. All donations are tax deductible! Thanks so much!